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Raven George

Illustration; Project Coordination


Raven was born in Jersey City and raised in Trenton. She is a graduate of Trenton High West, and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Montclair State University in 2021. As a multidisciplinary artist, Raven’s work uses various mediums such as pastels, paints, ink, realistic graphite drawings, and abstracted multimedia collages. The subjects of her work are both symbolic and realistic, inspired by visions, life experiences, emotional release, intuition, and abstracted dreams. She seeks to create an authentic language through figurative and gestural mark-making, by defining the concept of emotional intimacy.

Raven lives by the principle that there is nothing to lose except the things you never needed – and if you show up, bring your voice! Her greatest source of pleasure is creating inspiration in the lives of others. For years, it was a struggle for her to be expressive through art, with the awareness that many don’t own the luxury of utilizing art as a tool of expression. Because of this, she feels it is imperative as a woman of color to be a reflective mirror for viewers to feel and confront the way society has distorted our relationships with ourselves.


I became involved with the Potential Project because the lives of humanity are essential. Being of service to others or a cause means that you've decided to engage without expectation or reciprocation. I’m doing God’s work. Not for money, not for the opportunity, but for love and change.

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