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Dean "RAS" Innocenzi



Dean “RAS” Innocenzi is based in the Trenton area and known for specializing in realistic portraits. Much of RAS’s work focuses on honoring people in the community from both the past and present. He believes the greatest reward an artist can receive is too witness how ones work can deeply touch people’s emotions. When he realized his work had this mystical effect on people, he realized he had responsibility to share it with the community as much as he could.

Ras credits local artists Dave “MekOne” Klama, Will Kasso, Leon Rainbow, Steve “PROZE” Zahirny, and Mel Leipzig for providing inspiration and guidance in helping him succeed as an artist.


The most important thing is putting in the work to get good. Practice and patience makes closer and closer to perfect. And with art we should always try to be evolving into higher levels of complexity, which keeps us in harmony with the flow of nature and the universe.

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