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Aslin Laureano

Illustration; Project Coordination


Born and raised in Puerto Rico, then Trenton, Aslin has witnessed firsthand what it means to be "foreign" in a new country. Having worked for The Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund (LALDEF) as a Client Advocate and certified as a Community Health worker, her experience in speaking face to face with the many different Latino immigrant stories in her city has changed her forever. Her main passion is still, and forever will be, writing stories and bringing to them life through her drawings. But now her second passion is offering whatever she can from that artistic drive to those who could benefit from it within her community of Trenton.


Having lost a number of people close to me, within my family, within my friend circle...I now realize that I've looked at their deaths, and wondered and grieved over the hows, the whys. I've felt the impact of their death in my life more than the impact of their lives. When I thought about them, I knew something was missing within the insurmountable cloud of my pain; something more real than just missing them. The Potential Project highlighted what that was: The mark they left on this world and the story they could've told if they were still here. That's what I believe is so important to me about this project.

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