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Hana Sabree

Poetry / Multimedia


Hana Sabree is a storyteller / writer / singer / black radical artist / photographer / student.


I enjoy my city for the way people support each other & the youth. There has always been someone looking out for me.

My why stems from my journey with grief in the loss of my mother at a young age. My dream is to support youth within my city and at large, on their relationship with loss & love. Supporting each other on our journey of healing from loss and connecting with love, I believe, is pivotal for our survival here in America & at large. Mental health in the black community is very important to me -- I looked for resources myself as a youth and was not able to find any in my community.

My goal will be to understand, uplift and support the “urban city kid” within us as black individuals, locally and globally. My question is always: how are you making yourself happy today?

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